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  • Volume 16 (2000) Issue 1 Consent to Arbitration Through Agreement to Printed Contracts: The Continental Experience [Houtte] (133 KB) The Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Agreements in Canada [Branson] (249 KB) The Vicissitudes of Transnational Commercial Arbitration and the Lex Mercatoria: A View from the Periphery [Nottage] (232 KB) The 'Y2K Problem' and Arbitration: The Answer to the Myth [Ylts] (158 KB) Book Notes [Goodliffe] (80 KB) Issue 2 Lloyd George, Lenin and Cannibals: The Harriman Arbitration [Veeder] (191 KB) The Courts of England and Wales, Commercial Education and the Changing Business of the City of London [Thomas] (144 KB) The Australian International Arbitration Act, the Fiction of Severability and Claims for Restitution [Baron] (242 KB) Are Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods Superior to Litigation in Resolving Disputes in International Commerce? [Wang] (153 KB) Notes (26 KB) Bias for Judges- and Arbitrators? (41 KB) The Challenge of Unopposed Arbitrations (57 KB) Alternative Dispute Resolution in Catalonia (99 KB) Book Notes (88 KB) Book Reviews [Azzali, Born, Freedberg, Hascher, Jan Van Den Berg, Veeder] (117 KB) Issue 3 The Spirit of Arbitration: The Tenth Annual Goff Lecture [Nariman] (137 KB) The Development of Arbitration in International Financial Transactions [Horn] (129 KB) Leaving Colonial Arbitration Laws Behind: Southeast Asia's Move into the International Arbitration Arena: The 2000 Gillis Wetter Prizewinner [Schaefer] (262 KB) Parallel Actions Pending Before an Arbitral Tribunal and a State Court: The Solution Under Swiss Law [Perret] (90 KB) Barristers, Independence and Disclosure Revisited [Kendall] (73 KB) Less is More: Directing Arbitration Procedures [Marriott] (36 KB) European Public Policy and the Austrian Supreme Court [Liebscher] (85 KB) Issue 4 Consolidated Index - Volume 16 (103 KB) Dr Heribert Golsong 23 October 1927 ? 2 April 2000 Obituary [Turck] (26 KB) International Commercial Dispute Resolution: The Challenge of the Twenty-First Century [Hunter] (108 KB) Arbitration under the North American Free Trade Agreement [Alvarez] (268 KB) Special Section Commentary on the Hubco Judgment [Majeed] (59 KB) Hubco Judgment Transcript in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (Appellate Jurisdiction) [Majeed] (187 KB) The America's Cup Arbitration Panel [Tompkins] (51 KB) New Zealand Rugby Union: Disciplinary Processes [Howman] (95 KB) Australian Rules Football: Disciplinary Processes [Nolan] (92 KB) Australian Rugby League: Player Misconduct - The Objectives of a Penal Code [Gray] (45 KB) Book Notes (71 KB) Volume 17 (2001) Issue 1 Power of Arbitrators to Fill Gaps and Revise Contracts to Make Sense [Berger] (140 KB) The Role of the Lex Loci Arbitri in International Commercial Arbitration [Goode] (161 KB) Obtaining Documents from Adverse Parties in International Arbitration [Webster] (141 KB) Transnational Law: A Legal System or a Method of Decision Making? [Gaillard] (105 KB) Arbitrability under the New York Convention: The Lex Fori Revisited [Arfazadeh] (136 KB) Cepani (Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation) Modifies its Rules (85 KB) Towards the Harmonization of International Arbitration Rules: Comparative Analysis of the Rules of the ICC, AAA, LCIA and CIETAC (75 KB) Book Notes (42 KB) Recht und Praxis des Schiedsverfahrens [Sandrock] (35 KB) Diary of Arbitration Conferences 2001 (70 KB) Issue 2 The New, New Lex Mercatoria, or, Back to the Future [Fortier] (62 KB) Arbitration and Brazil: A Foreign Perspective [Blackaby] (96 KB) Obtaining Evidence from Third Parties in International Arbitration [Webster] (141 KB) The Dismantling of a German Champion: Katrin Krabbe and her Ordeal with the German Track and Field Association and the IAAF [Faylor] (70 KB) Formula 1 Racing and Arbitration: The FIA Tailor-made System for Fast-Track Dispute Resolution [Kaufmann-Kohler, Peter] (135 KB) Judgment between Thomas Dobbie Thomson Walkinshaw & ors. and Pedro Paulo Diniz (136 KB) The Third Man: The 1999 Act Sets Back Separability? [Diamond] (57 KB) Case Note on Tononoka Steels Limited v. Eastern and Southern Africa Trade and Development Bank [Muyanja] (38 KB) Book Notes (74 KB) Issue 3 Reflections on the International Arbitrator's Duty to Apply the Law The 2000 Freshfields Lecture [Mayer] (90 KB) A Global' Arbitration Decided on the Basis of the UNIDROIT Principles: In re Andersen Consulting Business Unit Member Firms v. Arthur Andersen Business Unit Member Firms and Andersen Worldwide Société Coopérative [Bonell] (92 KB) Arbitration's Discontents: Of Elephants and Pornography [Park] (87 KB) Enforceability of Agreed Awards in Foreign Jurisdictions [Lörcher] (83 KB) A Real Danger of Confusion? The English Law Relating to Bias in Arbitrators [Eastwood] (182 KB) Notes: Domestic Courts' Obligation to Refer Parties to Arbitration [Cobb] (101 KB) Notes: French and US Courts Define Limits of Sovereign Immunity in Execution and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards [Turck] (113 KB) Book Notes (34 KB) Issue 4 Introduction [Paulsson] (28 KB) Arbitration Reform in Sweden [Hobér] (234 KB) The Arbitration Agreement under the Swedish 1999 Arbitration Act and the German 1998 Arbitration Act [Berger] (85 KB) Formation of the Arbitral Tribunal [Chang] (68 KB) The Arbitral Award: Some Comments on the 1999 Swedish Arbitration Act [Komarov] (51 KB) Sweden's Review of Arbitral Awards: a US Perspective [Aksen] (42 KB) The Swedish Arbitration Act of 1999 (English) [Hobér] (91 KB) The Swedish Arbitration Act of 1999 (Swedish) [Hobér] (80 KB) Book Notes (53 KB) Consolidated Index ? Volume 17 (38 KB) List of Contributors ? Volumes 1?17 (33 KB) Volume 18 (2002) Issue 1 When Should an Arbitrator Join Cases? [Platte] (104 KB) Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration [Trakman] (121 KB) A Thing Unknown to Law': the Strange Case of the Admiralty Transport Arbitration Board [Foxton] (193 KB) Witness Conferencing' [Peter] (73 KB) Bridging the Common Law-Civil Law Divide in Arbitration [Elsing, Townsend] (48 KB) Lex Mercatoria Online: the CENTRAL Transnational Law Database at [Berger] (86 KB) Book Notes (37 KB) Book Review: Die ICC Schiedsgerichtsordnung in der Praxis, by Erich Schäfer, Herman Verbist and Christophe Imhoos [Kreindler] (32 KB) Issue 2 Islamic Law and the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal: The Primacy of International Law over Municipal Law [Fry] (133 KB) Terms of Reference and Negative Jurisdictional Decisions: A Lesson from Australia [Greenberg, Secomb] (79 KB) The Principle of Lis Pendens in International Arbitration: The Swiss Decision in Fomento v. Colon [Oetiker] (65 KB) The Fourth Arbitrator? The Role of Secretaries to Tribunals in International Arbitration [Partasides] (107 KB) American Werewolves in London [Dasteel, Jacobs] (121 KB) The 1920-1923 North Sakhalin Concession Agreement [Veeder] (117 KB) International Commercial Arbitration: A Canadian Perspective [Finn, Thomson] (89 KB) Book Notes (40 KB) Issue 3 The Rt Hon Sir Michael Kerr ? In Memoriam [Phillips] (45 KB) Introduction to Articles ? Dallas Workshop on Aribtrating with Sovereigns [Donovan] (22 KB) International Arbitration and Sovereignty [Reisman] (59 KB) Commentary [Berman] (40 KB) Commentary [Gaillard] (40 KB) Introduction to the Mock Case [Beechey] (21 KB) Scene I: US Power and Local Power Discuss Filing a Request for Arbitration with ICSID (43 KB) Commentary: Drafting Arbitration Clauses in Contracts Involving Sovereigns [Freyer] (36 KB) Commentary: The Role of Administering Organizations [Peterson] (22 KB) Scene II: ICSID Registers the Request (43 KB) Commentary: ICSID Jurisdiction and the Request for Arbitration [Tawil] (22 KB) Commentary: Investment and Dispute Resolution [Bergsten] (25 KB) Scene III: Oral Proceedings (89 KB) The Iran?United States Claims Tribunal and Disputes Involving Sovereigns [Briner] (39 KB) Commentary: ICSID Proceedings in the Absence of a Bilateral Investment Treaty [Legum] (32 KB) Commentary: Investment Disputes Under NAFTA [Aguilar Alvarez] (23 KB) Scene IV: Oral Proceedings Regarding the State Court Injunction (73 KB) Commentary: ICSID Tribunals and Injunctions by State Courts [Friedland] (33 KB) Commentary: Practical Options when Faced with an Injunction Against Arbitration [Scott] (64 KB) Scene V: Panel Deliberations (22 KB) Commentary: The Broader Context [McLachlan] (37 KB) Book Notes (70 KB) Issue 4 The Lex Mercatoria in Practice: The Experience of the Iran?United States Claims Tribunal [Brunetti] (193 KB) The Englishman's Word as the Foreigner's Bond [Taylor] (123 KB) A Remarkable Example of Promotion of Arbitration and ADR: The Resolution of Disputes in the Belgian Newly Liberalized Energy Sector [Block, Haverbeke] (80 KB) The Production of Documents in International Arbitration ? A Commentary on Article 3 of the New IBA Rules of Evidence [Raeschke-Kessler] (118 KB) The 2001 Goff Lecture [Veeder] (128 KB) Will the United Kingdom's Human Rights Act Further Protect Parties to Arbitration Proceedings? [Kasolowsky, Robinson] (91 KB) ADR and Commercial Disputes by Russell Caller (ed.). [Wackie Eysten] (70 KB) Consolidated Index (46 KB) List of Contributors (33 KB)

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