A survey of Odonata of Mondulkiri, the elevated eastern province of Cambodia, for ten days in June 2014

  • Results of an odonatological survey of Mondulkiri Province of Cambodia, at the foothills and Central Plateau of the Annamese Mts. in June 8 – June 17, 2014 are presented. Of 106 Odonata species met (46 zygopterans, 60 anisopterans), 97 were identified to previously known named species, of which 15 are reported for the first time for Cambodia, namely Mnais mneme Ris, 1916, Rhinocypha seducta Hämäläinen et Karube, 2001, Philoganga loringae Fraser, 1927, Rhinagrion hainanense Wilson et Reels, 2001, Amphiallagma parvum (Selys, 1876), Ceriagrion chaoi Asahina, 1967, Paracercion malayanum (Selys, 1876), Prodasineura doisuthepensis Hoess, 2007, Protosticta grandis Asahina, 1985, Tetracanthagyna waterhousei McLachlan, 1898, Gomphidia kruegeri Martin, 1904, Heliogomphus chaoi Karube, 2004, Leptogomphus baolocensis Karube, 2001, Microgomphus jurzitzai Karube, 2000, Onychothemis culminicola Förster, 1904, and two species for which the specimens collected on this trip were described as new subspecies: Indolestes gracilis expressior Kosterin, 2015, Coeliccia poungyi dasha Kosterin, 2016. Five species collected on this trip have been described elsewhere as new to science, namely Onychargia priydak Kosterin, 2015, Prodasineura hoffmanni Kosterin, 2015, Asiagomphus reinhardti Kosterin et Yokoi, 2016, Euthygomphus schorri Kosterin, 2016 and Risiophlebia guentheri Kosterin, 2015. So the total number of the first country records of named species made on this trip is 22. Still four species found may be undescribed. The number of named species recorded in Cambodia has reached 178. Remarks on taxonomy and variation of Euphaea masoni Selys, 1879, E. ochracea Selys, 1859, Aciagrion approximans (Selys, 1876), and Lamelligomphus castor Lieftinck, 1941 are provided. Characters of mature males of R. seducta are updated. Notes on habitats and habits of some species are provided. Onychothemis culminicola and O. testacea Laidlaw, 1902 seem to exclude each other at rivers, the former occupying smaller and more elevated ones; a putative hybrid male was observed. General notes on the area and field impressions are briefly outlined.

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Author:Oleg E. Kosterin
Parent Title (English):International Dragonfly Fund : Report
Series (Serial Number):IDF-Report : newsletter of the International Dragonfly Fund (98)
Publisher:International Dragonfly Fund e.V.
Place of publication:Zerf, Germany
Document Type:Part of Periodical
Year of Completion:2016
Year of first Publication:2016
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2018/10/16
Tag:1859 (geographical variation, habitat); 1899 reidentified as Euthygomphus yunnanensis Zhou et Wu; 1902 (mutual displacement, putative hybrid); 1904 and O. testacea Laidlaw; 1970 (possible synonymy, a closely related species); 1977 (wing lustre, new combination); 1992. Heliogomphus sp; 2001 (the second publshed finding, additional specific characters, habitat); 2015 (records in Thailand); 2015 (resemblance to a specimen from North Vietnam); 941 compared to Lamelligomphus vietnamensis Karube 2015; Aciagrion approximans (Selys, 1876) and Aciagrion migratum (Selys, 1876) (relationship, differences, occurrence in Cambodia); Annamense Mountains; Cambodia; Cambodian records of Merogomphus parvus Krüger; Euphaea masoni inouei Asahina; Euphaea ochracea Selys; Heliogomphus svihleri Asahina; Indochina; Lamelligomphus castor Lieftinck; Mondulkiri Province; Odonata; Onychargia priydak Kosterin; Onychothemis culminicola Förster; Prodasineura hoffmanni Kosterin; Rhinocypha seducta Hämäläinen et Karube; Vestalis gracilis (Rambur, 1842) (wing enfumation); damselflies; dragonflies; fauna; the first country record
Page Number:90
First Page:1
Last Page:86
Dewey Decimal Classification:5 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / 59 Tiere (Zoologie) / 590 Tiere (Zoologie)
Sammlungen:Sammlung Biologie / Sondersammelgebiets-Volltexte
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