Radiographic outcomes following lateral alveolar ridge augmentation using autogenous tooth roots

  • Background: To assess and compare the radiographic outcomes following lateral alveolar ridge augmentation using autogenous tooth roots (TR) and autogenous bone (AB) blocks. Methods: In a total of 30 patients, lateral ridge augmentation was conducted in parallel groups using either (1) healthy autogenous tooth roots (e.g., retained wisdom or impacted teeth) (n = 15) or (2) cortical autogenous bone blocks harvested from the retromolar area. Cone-beam computed tomographic (CBCT) scans taken at 26 weeks of submerged healing were analyzed for the basal graft integration (i.e., contact between the graft and the host bone in %) (BI26) and the cross-sectional grafted area (mm2) (SA26). Results: Both groups revealed a comparable clinical width of the alveolar ridge at baseline (CWb). Mean BI26 and SA26 values amounted to 69.26 ± 26.01% (median 72.44) and 22.07 ± 12.98 mm2 (median 18.83) in the TR group and 79.67 ± 15.66% (median 78.85) and 12.42 ± 10.11 mm2 (median 11.36) in the AB group, respectively. Between-group differences in mean SA26 values were statistically significant (p = 0.031). Linear regression analysis failed to reveal any significant correlations between BI26 and CWb/SA26 values in either group. Conclusions: TR grafts may be associated with improved SA26 values following lateral alveolar ridge augmentation. Trial registration: DRKS00009586. Registered 10 February 2016.
Author:Puria Parvini, Robert Alexander SaderORCiDGND, Didem Sahin, Jürgen Becker, Frank SchwarzORCiDGND
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Parent Title (English):International journal of implant dentistry
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Tag:Alveolar ridge augmentation; Clinical study; Tooth transplantation
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