HEATSTER : a database and web server for identification and classification of heat stress transcription factors in plants

  • Heat stress transcription factors (HSFs) regulate transcriptional response to a large number of environmental influences, such as temperature fluctuations and chemical compound applications. Plant HSFs represent a large and diverse gene family. The HSF members vary substantially both in gene expression patterns and molecular functions. HEATSTER is a web resource for mining, annotating, and analyzing members of the different classes of HSFs in plants. A web-interface allows the identification and class assignment of HSFs, intuitive searches in the database and visualization of conserved motifs, and domains to classify novel HSFs.
Author:Jannik Berz, Stefan Simm, Sebastian Schuster, Klaus-Dieter Scharf, Enrico SchleiffORCiDGND, Ingo EbersbergerORCiDGND
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Year of Completion:2019
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Release Date:2019/02/28
Tag:HSF; database; heat stress; motif search
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