Looking at colour on post-antique sculpture : Review of: Circumlitio. The Polychromy of Antique and Medieval Sculpture. Proceedings of the Johann David Passavant Colloquium, 10-12 December 2008. Vinzenz Brinkmann, Oliver Primavesi, Max Hollein, eds. Liebighaus Skulpturensammlung, Frankfurt am Main, 2010

  • As Alex Potts points out in his essay, "Colors of Sculpture", "all sculpture is colored, in a literal sense". Yet, despite the fact that the addition of colour to objects as well as its presence as an inescapable fact of sculptural media makes imperative its inclusion in any consideration of sculptors’ intentions and the meaning of their work, Amanda Claridge is right to note in her review, that polychromed sculpture has been given short shrift in the post-enlightenment settlement. ...
Author:Jim Harris
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Contributor(s):Vinzenz Brinkmann, Oliver Primavesi, Max Hollein
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