Development and anatomy of primary structures in the seedling of Cucurbita maxima

  • 1. The root tip of Cucurbita maxima possesses a single histogen from which all the primary root tissues arise. 2. The primary root is exarch, tetrarch. Differentiation of the large central metaxylem vessels is retarded; pith is not present. 3. The primordium of a secondary root is formed from the cortex, including the endodermis, as well as the pericycle of the primary root. 4. The transition extends from approximately 1 cm. below the peg to just above it. At the lowest level pith differentiates in the center and the metaxylem takes a peripheral position just within the phloem. Each primary xylem strand diverges into two arms extending laterally and joining the metaxylem. These arms separate, resulting in a siphonostele of four tangential transition bundles. These divide into two parts each, forming a total of eight bundles which become endarch. 5. Of these eight bundles usually two pairs anastomose, then divide into three, producing a total of ten bundles which continue through the hypocotyl. Additional bundles may arise. 6. The bundle is considered bicollateral on the basis of ontogeny; it shows a differentiation of internal phloem from the procambial tissue at the same time that the external metaphloem differentiates. (The study of a single species allows no interpretation on the basis of phylogeny.) 7. A suggestion is made concerning the differentiation of two types of phloem, the one called fascicular phloem and the other called connective phloem. Differences in origin, structure, and distribution of the two types are described. 8. In the cotyledonary node tangential anastomoses produce a cotyledonary plate of four parts. Continuations from these form two traces to each cotyledon. Before the cotyledon diverges completely, each trace branches laterally to form a basal vein from which arise four or more bundles which are the principal veins in the blade of the cotyledon. 9. The bundles of the epicotyl differentiate against the parts of the cotyledonary plate. The epicotyl is retarded in its development except for the median trace to the first foliage leaf. The early differentiation of this trace may account for the characteristic short first internode.

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Author:Anna Geraldine Whiting
Parent Title (English):The botanical gazette
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Date of Publication (online):2008/05/15
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