Transition from ideal to viscous Mach cones in a partonic transport model

  • Using a partonic transport model we investigate the evolution of conical structures in ultrarelativistic matter. Using two different source terms and varying the transport properties of the matter we study the formation of Mach Cones. Furthermore, in an additional study we extract the two-particle correlations from the numerical calculations and compare them to an analytical approximation. The influence of the viscosity to the shape of Mach Cones and the corresponding two-particle correlations is studied by adjusting the cross section of the medium.

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Author:Ioannis BourasGND, Andrej ElGND, Oliver FochlerGND, Harri NiemiORCiD, Zhe Xu, Carsten GreinerGND
Parent Title (English):Journal of Physics. Conference Series [Hot Quarks 2012]
Publisher:IOP Publishing
Place of publication:Bristol
Document Type:Conference Proceeding
Date of Publication (online):2016/12/21
Year of first Publication:2013
Publishing Institution:Universit├Ątsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Creating Corporation:Hot Quarks 2012
Release Date:2016/12/21
Issue:1, 012022
Page Number:4
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