Thalamic and cortical contributions to physiological brain rhythms in vivo

  • Rhythms, i.e. periodic sequences of events or states, are a ubiquitous feature of physiological systems such as the heart, the lungs or the brain. For the brain in particular, the diversity of rhythms is remarkable, ranging from low frequency rhythms in the slow/delta band (0.5-4 Hz) during sleep to gamma band oscillations (30-120 Hz) rhythms during alert behavior, all expressed in various brain areas and at various spatial scales. To understand whether these rhythms subserve a function for the organism it is important to also understand the underlying mechanisms that generate them. While the generation of some rhythms appear to be well-understood, e.g. sleep spindles, others such as the cortical beta rhythm (13-30 Hz) have remained elusive. Understanding the generation of a brain rhythm involves multiple spatial scales, from identifying intracellular mechanisms such as the contribution of individual transmembrane currents to studying how specific neuronal populations or areas affect the full physiological rhythm present in the intact, highly interconnected brain. The aim of this work has been to delineate the mechanistic contributions of individual brain areas to the in vivo generation of two particular rhythms present in efferent areas: (1) The first part of this work studies the influence of thalamocortical neurons on cortical slow/delta waves (0.5-4 Hz) of sleep that are sometimes also present in awake animals. (2) The second part is about the contribution of primary visual cortex to the beta rhythm (13-30 Hz) in extrastriate cortex of awake behaving animals.

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Author:Joscha Tapani SchmiedtORCiD
Title Additional (German):Thalamische und kortikale Komponenten physiologischer Hirnrhythmen in vivo
Place of publication:Frankfurt am Main
Referee:Manfred KösslORCiD, Michael Schmid
Advisor:Michael Schmid
Document Type:Doctoral Thesis
Date of Publication (online):2016/07/11
Year of first Publication:2016
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Date of final exam:2016/05/02
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