Data on phylogenetic analyses of gazelles (genus Gazella) based on mitochondrial and nuclear intron markers

  • The data provided is related to the article "Phylogenetic analyses of gazelles reveal repeated transitions of key ecological traits and provide novel insights into the origin of the genus Gazella". The data is based on 48 tissue samples of all nine extant species of the genus Gazella, namely Gazella gazella, Gazella arabica, Gazella bennettii, Gazella cuvieri, Gazella dorcas, Gazella leptoceros, Gazella marica, Gazella spekei, and Gazella subgutturosa and four related taxa (Saiga tatarica, Antidorcas marsupialis, Antilope cervicapra and Eudorcas rufifrons). It comprises alignments of sequences of a cytochrome b data set and of six nuclear intron markers. For the latter new primers were designed based on cattle and sheep genomes. Based on these alignments phylogenetic trees were inferred using Bayesian Inference and Maximum Likelihood methods. Furthermore, ancestral character states (inferred with BayesTraits 1.0) and ancestral ranges based on a Dispersal-Extinction-Cladogenesis model were estimated and results׳ files were stored within this article.
Author:Hannes Lerp, Sebastian Klaus, Stefanie Allgöwer, Torsten Wronski, Markus PfenningerORCiDGND, Martin PlathORCiDGND
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