Identification of potential novel interacting partners for coagulation factor xiii b (fxiii-b) subunit, a protein associated with a rare bleeding disorder

  • Coagulation factor XIII (FXIII) is a plasma-circulating heterotetrameric pro-transglutaminase complex that is composed of two catalytic FXIII-A and two protective/regulatory FXIII-B subunits. FXIII acts by forming covalent cross-links within a preformed fibrin clots to prevent its premature fibrinolysis. The FXIII-A subunit is known to have pleiotropic roles outside coagulation, but the FXIII-B subunit is a relatively unexplored entity, both structurally as well as functionally. Its discovered roles so far are limited to that of the carrier/regulatory protein of its partner FXIII-A subunit. In the present study, we have explored the co-presence of protein excipients in commercial FXIII plasma concentrate FibrogamminP by combination of protein purification and mass spectrometry-based verification. Complement factor H was one of the co-excipients observed in this analysis. This was followed by performing pull down assays from plasma in order to detect the putative novel interacting partners for the FXIII-B subunit. Complement system proteins, like complement C3 and complement C1q, were amongst the proteins that were pulled down. The only protein that was observed in both experimental set ups was alpha-2-macroglobulin, which might therefore be a putative interacting partner of the FXIII/FXIII-B subunit. Future functional investigations will be needed to understand the physiological significance of this association.

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Author:Sneha Singh, Mohammad Suhail Akhter, Johannes Dodt, Peter Volkers, Andreas Reuter, Christoph Reinhart, Christoph Krettler, Johannes OldenburgORCiDGND, Arijit BiswasORCiD
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Parent Title (English):International journal of molecular sciences
Publisher:Molecular Diversity Preservation International
Place of publication:Basel
Document Type:Article
Year of Completion:2019
Date of first Publication:2019/05/31
Publishing Institution:Universit├Ątsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2020/05/20
Tag:FXIII deficiency; Factor XIII; complement system; excipients; mass spectrometry; pleiotropy
Issue:11, Art. 2682
Page Number:12
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Last Page:12
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