The simple holocarpic oomycetes: Taxonomy and phylogenetic study

  • The early-diverging oomycetes contain a large number of holocarpic obligate parasites of diatoms, algae, aquatic phycomycetes, and invertebrate animals. These organisms are diverse and widespread. However, taxonomic placement most of the early-diverging oomycetes remains provisional and unresolved, since many have not been sequenced and studied for molecular phylogeny. Here, we report the taxonomy and phylogeny of several holocarpic oomycetes that we have rediscovered and newly classified, including several new species combinations. Phylogenetic reconstructions revealed that the type species of genus Ectrogella (E. bacillariacearum) is a member of the early-diverging Saprolegniales, while the type species of Olpidiopsis (O. saprolegniae) and Pontisma (P. lagenidioides) grouped within the early-diverging lineage of oomycetes forming distinct clades. Since the monophyletic red-algae parasitoids are unrelated to the Olpidiopsis, these were reclassified to the genus Pontisma, while genus Diatomophthora was introduced to accommodate all the diatom parasitoids that were previously assigned to Olpidiopsis. In addition, four new oomycete parasitoids, Miracula helgolandica, Miracula moenusica, Diatomophthora drebesii and Olpidiopsis parthenogenetica and a single rediscovered species, Diatomophthora gillii, are also classified here, including eight new species combinations of red-algae parasites (Pontisma bostrychiae, P. heterosiphoniae, P. muelleri, P. palmariae, P. porphyrae, P. pyropiae) and diatom parasitoids (Diatomophthora drebesii, D. gillii). The results obtained in this study have further improved the resolution and expanded the knowledge on the phylogeny of the earlydiverging oomycetes, leading to the establishment of three new orders (Miraculales, Diatomophthorales, Pontismatales) and one order (Anisolpidiales) being reintroduced.

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Author:Anthony Tumenez BuayaGND
Place of publication:Frankfurt am Main
Referee:Marco ThinesORCiDGND, Gordon Beakes, Helge Björn BodeORCiDGND, Claus BässlerORCiDGND
Advisor:Marco Thines
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