Diatomophthoraceae – a new family of olpidiopsis-like diatom parasitoids largely unrelated to Ectrogella

  • The oomycete genus Ectrogella currently comprises a rather heterogeneous group of obligate endoparasitoids, mostly of diatoms and algae. Despite their widespread occurrence, little is known regarding the phylogenetic affinities of these bizarre organisms. Traditionally, the genus was included within the Saprolegniales, based on zoospore diplanetism and a saprolegnia/achlya-like zoospore discharge. The genus has undergone multiple re-definitions in the past, and has often been used largely indiscriminately for oomycetes forming sausage-like thalli in diatoms. While the phylogenetic affinity of the polyphyletic genus Olpidiopsis has recently been partially resolved, taxonomic placement of the genus Ectrogella remained unresolved, as no sequence data were available for species of this genus. In this study, we report the phylogenetic placement of Ectrogella bacillariacearum infecting the freshwater diatom Nitzschia sigmoidea. The phylogenetic reconstruction shows that Ectrogella bacillariacearum is grouped among the early diverging lineages of the Saprolegniomycetes with high support, and is unrelated to the monophyletic diatom-infecting olpidiopsis-like species. As these species are neither related to Ectrogella, nor to the early diverging lineages of Olpidiopsis s. str. and Miracula, they are placed in a new genus, Diatomophthora, in the present study.

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Author:Anthony Tumenez BuayaGND, Marco ThinesORCiDGND
Parent Title (English):Fungal systematics and evolution
Publisher:Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
Place of publication:Utrecht
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Year of Completion:2020
Year of first Publication:2020
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Release Date:2020/08/11
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