Association of isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) status with edema to tumor ratio and its correlation with immune infiltration in glioblastoma

  • Purpose: The extent of preoperative peritumoral edema in glioblastoma (GBM) has been negatively correlated with patient outcome. As several ongoing studies are investigating T-cell based immunotherapy in GBM, we conducted this study to assess whether peritumoral edema with potentially increased intracranial pressure, disrupted tissue homeostasis and reduced local blood flow has influence on immune infiltration and affects survival. Methods: A volumetric analysis of preoperative imaging (gadolinium enhanced T1 weighted MRI sequences for tumor size and T2 weighted sequences for extent of edema (including the infiltrative zone, gliosis etc.) was conducted in 144 patients using the Brainlab® software. Immunohistochemical staining was analyzed for lymphocytic- (CD 3+) and myelocytic (CD15+) tumor infiltration. A retrospective analysis of patient-, surgical-, and molecular characteristics was performed using medical records. Results: The edema to tumor ratio was neither associated with progression-free nor overall survival (p=0.90, p=0.74). However, GBM patients displaying IDH-1 wildtype had significantly higher edema to tumor ratio than patients displaying an IDH-1 mutation (p=0.01). Immunohistopathological analysis did not show significant differences in lymphocytic or myelocytic tumor infiltration (p=0.78, p=0.74) between these groups. Conclusion: In our cohort, edema to tumor ratio had no significant correlation with immune infiltration and outcome. However, patients with an IDH-1wildtype GBM had a significantly higher edema to tumor ratio compared to their IDH-1 mutated peer group. Further studies are necessary to elucidate the underlying mechanisms.
Author:Daniel DubinskiORCiDGND, Sae-Yeon WonORCiDGND, Maximilian RauchORCiDGND, Bedjan BehmaneshORCiDGND, Lionel D. C. Ngassam, Peter BaumgartenORCiDGND, Christian SenftORCiDGND, Patrick Nikolaus HarterORCiDGND, Joshua D. BernstockORCiD, Thomas Michael FreimanORCiDGND, Volker SeifertORCiD, Florian GeßlerORCiDGND
Parent Title (English):Frontiers in immunology
Publisher:Frontiers Media
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Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2021/03/25
Date of first Publication:2021/03/25
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2021/06/23
Tag:dexamethasone; glioma microenvironment; immune infiltration; peritumoral edema; peritumoral edema zone
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