Fostering pre-service teachers’ theoretical knowledge application: studying with and without text-based cases

  • As knowledge derived from scientific theory can be helpful for teachers to reflect on their everyday teaching, universities have the challenging task of teaching this knowledge in such a way that pre-service teachers are able to apply it to their later teaching. Case-based learning has emerged as a promising method to foster pre-service teachers’ scientific knowledge application throughout university teacher education. However, surprisingly, empirical evidence for its effectiveness as compared to more traditional instructional interventions in teacher education is still inconclusive, partly being due to constraints concerning the employed comparison groups. The present quasi-experimental study (conducted in the field of classroom management) investigated the effect of studying exactly the same theoretical content with and without text-based cases on scientific knowledge application (as measured by a vignette test) in a sample of 101 pre-service teachers. Although the study found a small advantage for the case-based learning group, it demonstrated that scientific knowledge application may also be effectively fostered in a more traditional instructional course. The findings and their implications are discussed against the background of cognitive theories on inert knowledge and how to prevent it in teacher education.
Author:Franziska Baier, Christina Maurer, Charlotte Christine DignathORCiDGND, Mareike KunterORCiDGND
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Date of Publication (online):2021/09/22
Date of first Publication:2021/09/22
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Release Date:2021/11/09
Tag:Case-based learning; Classroom management; Inert knowledge; Pre-service teacher education; Theory–practice gap
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