Jevrejsko-spanski jezik : komentarisana bibliografija literature i periodike

Judeo-Spanish language : an annotated bibliography of literature periodicals

  • In this study we give a survey on bibliographic references on Judeo-Spanish Ianguage in the Orient, focusing mainly on the varieties of this Ianguage spoken in Sephardi communities of former Yugoslavia and on publications and articles that may offer the linguistic Corpora for further investigations on Judeo-Spanish language of these territories. The paper contains references on corpus-based descriptive studies and dictionaries of Judeo-Spanish language. Aspecial emphasis is uttached to the studies on Judeo-Spanish language on the territories of former Yugoslavia, which are classified geographically. The studies on the language of Sephardi Jews deal with this Romance Ianguage from different linguistic(s) perspectives. First of all, we presented the Hispanic studies on Judeo-Spanish that examine it as one of the modern Hispanicvarieties, consider it to be one of the sources of knowledge about the history of Spanish language or look at it from the sociolinguistic point of view. On the other hand, we had in mind works that try to examine Judeo-Spanish from the perspective of Jewish languages such a Yiddish and Judeo-Arab. In that sence it was necessary to draw atention to the studies that examine Ladino, written variefy of Judeo-Spanish based on literal translations of Biblical texts from Hebrew and Aramaic to Judeo-Spanish, We also incorporated references on works dedicated tovarious systems of transcription of Judeo-Spanish language. The actual Situation of Judeo-Spanish is presented with a short account of today's magazines and institutions dedicated to the preservation of Sephardi language and culture. Being the language an intrinsic part of fhe culture in which it arises and lives, we presented also the works dedicated to Sephardi culture and history of the communities in the Orient. Regarding the linguistic corpora in Judeo-Spanish, we presented the data on books published in Hebrew alphabet, collections of Songs, stories and sayings from Sephardi oral tradition, among which a Special importance has the Sephardi Romansero. We took into occount the periodical publications, which are very important as a source of linguistic and various cultural, sociological and historic corpora. The creation and development of periodical publications in Sephardi communities of former Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Sarajevo, and also IaterVriac and Zagreb) from the end of XIX until thefirst half of the XX century are described. The data on these publications are presented in the tables. Special attention was paid to ariicles written in Judeo-Spanish and published in periodical publications and monographies. The list of the most important articles consists of two parts: thefirst part is devoted to the articles published in Hebrew alphabet, and the second to the articles in Judeo-Spanish and Serbian published in Latin alphabet. The latter are organized thematically.

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Author:Ana Stulic, Ivana Vucina
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