Gene flow analysis method, the D-statistic, is robust in a wide parameter space

  • Background: We evaluated the sensitivity of the D-statistic, a parsimony-like method widely used to detect gene flow between closely related species. This method has been applied to a variety of taxa with a wide range of divergence times. However, its parameter space and thus its applicability to a wide taxonomic range has not been systematically studied. Divergence time, population size, time of gene flow, distance of outgroup and number of loci were examined in a sensitivity analysis. Result: The sensitivity study shows that the primary determinant of the D-statistic is the relative population size, i.e. the population size scaled by the number of generations since divergence. This is consistent with the fact that the main confounding factor in gene flow detection is incomplete lineage sorting by diluting the signal. The sensitivity of the D-statistic is also affected by the direction of gene flow, size and number of loci. In addition, we examined the ability of the f-statistics, fˆGf^G and fˆhomf^hom, to estimate the fraction of a genome affected by gene flow; while these statistics are difficult to implement to practical questions in biology due to lack of knowledge of when the gene flow happened, they can be used to compare datasets with identical or similar demographic background. Conclusions: The D-statistic, as a method to detect gene flow, is robust against a wide range of genetic distances (divergence times) but it is sensitive to population size. The D-statistic should only be applied with critical reservation to taxa where population sizes are large relative to branch lengths in generations.
Author:Yichen Zheng, Axel Janke
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Parent Title (English):BMC bioinformatics
Publisher:BioMed Central ; Springer
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Year of Completion:2018
Date of first Publication:2018/01/08
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Release Date:2018/01/16
Tag:Gene flow; Parameter space; Population size; Sensitivity; Simulation; The D-statistic
Issue:1, Art. 10
Page Number:19
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