Constructing well-being and poverty dimensions on political grounds

  • The paper addresses the problem of justifying ethically sound dimensions of poverty or well-being for use in a multidimensional framework. We combine Sen’s capability approach and Rawls’ method of political constructivism and argue that the constitution and its interpretative practice can serve as an ethically suitable informational basis for selecting dimensions, under certain conditions. We illustrate our Constitutional Approach by deriving a set of well-being dimensions from an analysis of the Italian Constitution. We argue that this method is both an improvement on those used in the existing literature from the ethical point of view, and has a strong potential for providing the ethical basis of a conception of well-being for the public affairs of a pluralist society. In the final part, we elaborate on the implications for measuring well-being based on data, by ranking Italian regions in terms of well-being, and pointing out the differences in results produced by different methods.
Author:Francesco Burchi, Pasquale De Muro, Eszter Kollar
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Parent Title (English):Social indicators research
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Year of Completion:2017
Date of first Publication:2017/04/04
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Release Date:2018/06/21
Tag:Capabilities; Constitutions; Italy; Political constructivism; Poverty measurement; Well-being
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