Faunistic and taxonomic investigations on the Odonata fauna of the Samoan archipelago with particular focus on taxonomic ambiguities in the "Ischnurine complex"

  • New faunistic data is provided on the Odonata inhabiting the three main islands within the Samoan archipelago, namely Savai’i, Upolu and Tutuila as well as the smaller islands of Aunu’u and the Manu’a group. The specimens collected or observed in the field were compared to samples from other nearby Pacific island groups such as Fiji and Tonga. This study makes important contributions towards resolving taxonomic issues regarding the Ischnura species described as endemic to Samoa and their relations to other Coenagrionidae genera. New diagnostic features for distinguishing between females of the endemic genera Amorphostigma and Pacificagrion, subspecies separation in the Pacific Tramea transmarina and distinguishing between Samoan Hemicordulia species are suggested. Anaciaeschna melanostoma is proposed as junior synonym of A. jaspidea. A possible new subspecies of Lathrecista asiatica, confined to the Samoan archipelago, is discussed. The validity of Agriocnemis interrupta as a separate species from A. exsudans is questioned. Pacific Pseudagrion is believed to be represented within the region by one species only, with separate subspecies in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, although more specimens from Fiji are required to resolve this issue.
  • O ni fa’amatalaga fou ua mafai ona tu’ufa’atasia mai le aiga o iniseti e iai Se’emu/Mataga (Odonata) o loo ua fa’amauina nei mai atumotu e tolu o Samoa e aofia ai Savaii, Upolu ma Tutuila faatasi ai ma Aunu’u ma atumotu o Manu’a. O fa’amaumauga totino sa mafai ona aoina ma maitauina i taimi o suesuega sa fa’aaogaina e fa’atusatusa ma nisi o fa’amaumauga mai atumotu e pei o Fiti ma Toga. O lenei suesuega e taua tele lona sao i le tu’ufaatasia ma le fa’avasegaina o ituaiga iniseti e iai le Ischnura (nao Samoa e maua ai) aemaise lona feso’otaiga ma isi iniseti o le auaiga o le Coenagrionidae. O fa’amatalaga patino e mafai ai ona tu’uese’eseina iniseti fafine o le auaiga ua taua o le Amorphostigma ma le Pacificagrion (na o le Pasefika e maua ai) ma le fa’avasegaina o le ituaiga o’iniseti e iai le Pacific Tramea transmarina ma le ituaiga e iai le Samoan Hemicordulia o loo mafai ona fa’amatalatalaina. O le ituaiga o le Anaciaeschna jaspidea ua suia nei lona igoa fou o le A. melanostoma. O se ituaiga iniseti fou ua masalomia e mai le ituaiga ua taua o le Lathrecist aasiactica e patino lea i atumotu o Samoa o loo fa’amatalaina i lenei lipoti. O se manatu i le ‘ese’esega o iniseti nei e lua e taua o le Agriocnemis interrupta ma le A. exsudans o loo fesiligia pea. E iai le talitonuga o le ituaiga o le Pacific Pseudagrion oloo ta’atele i le itulagi o le Pasefika ma isi ituaiga o loo maua i Fiti, Toga ma Samoa ma e iai lava nai ese’esega laiti. Peitai e mo’omia le lava o iniseti o lea ituaiga e aoina mai Fiti e faia iai suesuega mo le faamautuina o lea manatu.

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Author:Milen Marinov, Mark Schmaedick, Dan Polhemus, Rebecca L. Stirnemann, Fialelei Enoka, Pulemagafa Siaifoi Fa'aumu, Moeumu Uili
Parent Title (English):International Dragonfly Fund : Report
Series (Serial Number):IDF-Report : newsletter of the International Dragonfly Fund (91)
Publisher:International Dragonfly Fund e.V.
Place of publication:Zerf, Germany
Document Type:Part of Periodical
Year of Completion:2015
Year of first Publication:2015
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2018/10/16
Tag:Agriocnemis exsudans; Agriocnemis interrupta; Amorphostigma and Pacificagrion; Anaciaeschna jaspidea; Anaciaeschna melanostoma; Hemicordulia; Ischnurine complex; Lathrecista asiatica; Samoa; Tramea transmarina; faunistics; subspecies separation; taxonomy
Page Number:60
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Last Page:56
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