Taxonomic revisions for a subset of Chinese odonates explained

  • Arising from a number of 2019 IUCN Red List assessments for a subset of Chinese Odonata, a series of corrections and taxonomic revisions were made to the World Odonata List. The rationale for these amendments is provided here. Paragomphus wuzhishanensis Liu, 1988 is shown to be a junior synonym of Paragomphus pardalinus Needham (1942). Epophthalmia kuani Jiang 1998 is synonymised as a junior synonym of Epophthalmia. elegans (Brauer, 1865) and Epophthalmia bannaensis Zha & Jiang, 2010 is treated as a junior synonym of Epophthalmia vittata Burmeister, 1839. Idionyx pseudovictor Xu, 2013 is shown to be junior synonym of Idionyx claudia Ris, 1912 and Sympetrum anomalum Needham, 1930 is treated as a junior synonym of Sympetrum maculatum Oguma, 1922.

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Author:Keith D. P. Wilson
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Tag:Burmagomphus collaris (Needham, 1929); China; Gomphidia fukienensis Chao, 1955; Lamelligomphus biforceps (Selys, 1878), Lamelligomphus choui Chao & Liu, 1989, Gomphidia fukienensis Chao, 1955, Sympetrum vulgatum (Linnaeus, 1758); Lamelligomphus choui Chao & Liu, 1989; Odonata; Rhipidolestes nectans (Needham, 1928); Sinolestes editus Needham, 1930; Stylurus annulatus (Djakonov, 1926); Sympetrum vulgatum (Linnaeus, 1758); synonymy
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