Der Name "Fleşer" und seine Varianten in Rumänien. Herkunft, Bildung und Verbreitung

  • The family name Fleşer and its viariations come from the German family name and from the common noun with the same form Fleischer (Rom. „măcelar” – butcher) which is prevalent in East and Northeast of Germany today, and which in its turn appeard as the aftermath of a contraction of the compound noun Fleischhauer (Lat. macellator), initially spread in the centre and North of Germany. The monophthongal noun Fleşer and its variant forms Fleşeru, Fleşeriu, Fleşieru and Fleşariu, formed with the suffix of German origin determining the agent -er (< lat. -arius) or with that/those of Romanian origin -ar(iu), (< lat. -arius) are concentrated mainly in Transilvania today, especially in the neighbouring counties of Alba and Sibiu. Hence, the family name Fleşer and its variations turn out to be compelling examples of the linguistic interculturality between German and Romanian in Transilvania and in Romania, in this case demonstrated in terms of onomastic.

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Author:Adina-Lucia NistorGND
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Year of first Publication:2018
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2022/01/18
Tag:Romanian-German interculturality in Transilvania; family name; name of profession Rom. Fleşer (< Germ. Fleischer); onomastic interferences
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