Quasi-free neutron and proton knockout reactions from light nuclei in a wide neutron-to-proton asymmetry range

  • The quasi-free scattering reactions 11C(p, 2p) and 10,11,12C(p, pn) have been studied in inverse kinematics at beam energies of 300–400 MeV/u at the R3B-LAND setup. The outgoing proton-proton and protonneutron pairs were detected in coincidence with the reaction fragments in kinematically complete measurements. The efficiency to detect these pairs has been obtained from GEANT4 simulations which were tested using the 12C(p, 2p) and 12C(p, pn) reactions. Experimental cross sections and momentum distributions have been obtained and compared to DWIA calculations based on eikonal theory. The new results reported here are combined with previously published cross sections for quasi-free scattering from oxygen and nitrogen isotopes and together they enable a systematic study of the reduction of singleparticle strength compared to predictions of the shell model over a wide neutron-to-proton asymmetry range. The combined reduction factors show a weak or no dependence on isospin asymmetry, in contrast to the strong dependency reported in nucleon-removal reactions induced by nuclear targets at lower energies. However, the reduction factors for (p, 2p) are found to be ’significantly smaller than for (p, pn) reactions for all investigated nuclei.

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Author:Matthias HollGND, Valerii PaninORCiDGND, Héctor Álvarez-PolORCiD, Leyla AtarORCiDGND, Thomas AumannORCiDGND, Saul Beceiro-NovoORCiD, Jose Fernando Benlliure AnayaORCiD, Carlos A. BertulaniORCiDGND, Juan Manuel Boillos Betete, Konstanze BoretzkyORCiD, Manuel CaamañoORCiD, Christoph CaesarORCiDGND, Enrique Casarejos RuizORCiD, Wilton N. CatfordORCiD, Joakim CederkällORCiD, Leonid V. ChulkovORCiD, Dolores Cortina GilORCiD, Edgar CravoORCiD, Iris DillmannORCiD, Paloma Díaz FernándezORCiD, Zoltán ElekesORCiD, Joachim EndersORCiDGND, Luis Mario Fraile PrietoORCiD, Daniel Galaviz RedondoORCiDGND, Roman GernhäuserORCiDGND, Pavel Golubev, Tanja HeftrichGND, Michael Heil, Marcel HeineORCiDGND, Andreas HeinzORCiDGND, Ana Maria Henriques CorreiaORCiD, Håkan T. JohanssonORCiD, Björn JonsonORCiDGND, Nasser Kalantar-NayestanakiORCiD, Rituparna Kanungo, Aleksandra Kelic-Heil, Thorsten KröllGND, Nikolaus KurzORCiD, Christoph LangerGND, Tudi Le Bleis, Simon LindbergORCiD, Jorge MachadoORCiD, Enrique Nácher GonzálezORCiD, Mohammad Ali Najafi, Thomas NilssonORCiD, Chiara Nociforo, Stefanos PaschalisORCiD, Marina PetriORCiDGND, René ReifarthORCiD, Guillermo Ribeiro Jimenez, Catherine RigolletORCiD, Dominic M. RossiORCiDGND, Deniz SavranGND, Heiko ScheitORCiDGND, Haik SimonGND, Olivier SorlinORCiD, Ina SyndikusGND, Olof TengbladORCiD, Yasuhiro Togano, Marine Vandebrouck, Paulo Velho, Felix WamersGND, Helmut Weick, Carl WheldonORCiD, Gemma Louise WilsonORCiD, John S. Winfield, Philip John Woods, Mikhail V. ZhukovORCiDGND, Kai ZuberORCiDGND
Parent Title (English):Physics Letters B
Place of publication:Amsterdam
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2019/07/09
Date of first Publication:2019/07/09
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Creating Corporation:R3B Collaboration
Release Date:2022/10/01
Tag:Inverse kinematics; Quasi-free scattering; Shell model; Spectroscopic factors
Page Number:7
First Page:682
Last Page:688
Institutes:Physik / Physik
Dewey Decimal Classification:5 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / 53 Physik / 530 Physik
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