Toward a uniform account of scrambling and clitic doubling

  • A commonly held view in the literature on Scrambling and Clitic Doubling is that both constructions are sensitive to Specificity. For this reason Sportiche (1992) proposes to unify the two, an approach which has become quite standard in the relevant literature ever since. However, the claim that clitic doubling is the counterpart of Germanic scrambling has never been substantiated. In this paper we present extensive evidence from Greek that Clitic Doubling has common formal properties with Germanic Scrambling/Object Shift. Our evidence consists mainly of binding facts observed when doubling takes place, which seem, at first sight, to be completely unexpected. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that these facts are strongly reminiscent of the effects showing up in Germanic scrambling. We propose that these properties can be derived under a theory of clitic constructions along the lines of Sportiche (1992) implemented into the framework of Chomsky (1995). Finally we suggest the that the crosslinguistic distribution of Scrambling as opposed to Clitic Doubling should be linked to a parameter relating to properties of Agr: Move/Merge XP vs. Move/Merge X° to Agr. We show that this parameter unifies the behaviour of subjects and objects within a language and across languages. The paper is organised as follows. In section 2 we present evidence from binding, interpretational and prosodic effects that doubling and scrambling display very similar properties. In section 3 we present Sportiches account and point out some problems for it. In section 4 we present our proposal.
Author:Artemis AlexiadouORCiDGND, Elena AnagnostopoulouORCiDGND
Editor:Werner Abraham, Elly van Gelderen
Document Type:Preprint
Date of Publication (online):2008/09/23
Year of first Publication:1997
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2008/09/23
Tag:Binding; Clitic Doubling
GND Keyword:Vergleich; Scrambling; Neugriechisch; Deutsch; Spezifität
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Preprint, erschienen in: Werner Abraham ; Elly van Gelderen (Hrsg.): German : syntactic problems - problematic syntax, Tübingen : Niemeyer, 1997, Linguistische Arbeiten ; 374, ISBN: 978-3-484-30374-4, ISBN: 3-484-30374-3
Source:, German : syntactic problems - problematic syntax, hrsg.v. Werner Abraham/Elly van Gelderen (Tübingen 1997)
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