Alternative AKT2 splicing produces protein lacking the hydrophobic motif regulatory region

  • Three AKT serine/threonine kinase isoforms (AKT1/AKT2/AKT3) mediate proliferation, metabolism, differentiation and anti-apoptotic signals. AKT isoforms are activated down- stream of PI3-kinase and also by PI3-kinase independent mechanisms. Mutations in the lipid phosphatase PTEN and PI3-kinase that increase PIP3 levels increase AKT signaling in a large proportion of human cancers. AKT and other AGC kinases possess a regulatory mechanism that relies on a conserved hydrophobic motif (HM) C-terminal to the catalytic core. In AKT, the HM is contiguous to the serine 473 and two other newly discovered (serine 477 and tyrosine 479) regulatory phosphorylation sites. In AKT genes, this regulatory HM region is encoded in the final exon. We identified a splice variant of AKT2 (AKT2-13a), which contains an alternative final exon and lacks the HM regulatory site. We validated the presence of mRNA for this AKT2-13a splice variant in different tissues, and the presence of AKT2-13a protein in extracts from HEK293 cells. When overexpressed in HEK293 cells, AKT2-13a is phosphorylated at the activation loop and at the zipper/turn motif phosphoryla- tion sites but has reduced specific activity. Analysis of the human transcriptome correspond- ing to other AGC kinases revealed that all three AKT isoforms express alternative transcripts lacking the HM regulatory motif, which was not the case for SGK1-3, S6K1-2, and classical, novel and atypical PKC isoforms. The transcripts of splice variants of Akt1-3 excluding the HM regulatory region could lead to expression of deregulated forms of AKT.
Author:Guido PlotzORCiDGND, Laura A. Lopez-Garcia, Angela BriegerORCiDGND, Stefan ZeuzemORCiDGND, Ricardo M. BiondiORCiDGND
Parent Title (English):PLOS ONE
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Date of Publication (online):2020/11/30
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Issue:(11) e0242819
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