Quality of patient information by urologists is associated with mental distress in bladder cancer patients

  • Aims: The study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of mental distress in patients with newly diagnosed bladder cancer, the cancer-information search behavior, and the influence of information seeking on distress. Methods: One hundred and one bladder cancer patients answered 2 established questionnaires (“Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale” [HADS] and the “Fragebogen zur Belastung von Krebskranken” [FBK-R23]) for evaluation of mental distress and a self-developed questionnaire with questions concerning information seeking and socioeconomic facts. Results: Regarding risk group stratification, 57.4% were classified as high-risk and 42.6% as low-risk tumor-bearing patients. Analysis of mental distress showed that 23.2% had a score above the HADS-A cutoff, 25.3% above the HADS-D cutoff, and 21.4% showed a pathologic FBK-R23 score. Overall, 75% felt well informed about their illness. Risk group stratification did not correlate with HADS-A, HADS-D, or FBK-R23 score. Furthermore, active search for information or the use of the Internet did not correlate with the HADS-A, HADS-D, or FBK-R23 score. However, the quality of the urologist’s information and the feeling of being informed correlated with the grade of mental distress. Conclusion: Besides the treatment of bladder cancer, informing the patient about the disease in a psychologically wholesome manner and working together with psycho-oncologically trained psychologists are essential tasks for the treating urologist.

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Author:Jens ManiGND, Marie-Therese Neuberth, Jens Fettel, Bianca SenfORCiDGND, Wael Y. KhoderORCiDGND, Stefan ValloGND
Parent Title (English):Oncology research and treatment
Place of publication:Basel
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2020/04/21
Date of first Publication:2020/04/21
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2021/09/28
Tag:FBK-R23; HADS; bladder cancer; cancer information; mental distress
Page Number:8
First Page:228
Last Page:235
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