Re-evaluation of Zospeum schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862 and Z. suarezi Gittenberger, 1980, including the description of two new Iberian species using computer tomography (CT) (Eupulmonata, Ellobioidea, Carychiidae)

  • The present study aims to clarify the confused taxonomy of Z. schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862 and Zospeum suarezi Gittenberger, 1980. Revision of Iberian Zospeum micro snails is severely hindered by uncertainties regarding the identity of the oldest Iberian Zospeum species, Z. schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862. In this paper, we clarify its taxonomic status by designating a lectotype from the original syntype series and by describing its internal and external shell morphology. Using SEM-EDX, we attempt to identify the area of the type locality cave more precisely than "a cave in Spain". The shell described and illustrated by Gittenberger (1980) as Z. schaufussi appears not to be conspecific with the lectotype shell, and is considered a separate species, Z. gittenbergeri Jochum, Prieto & De Winter, sp. n. Zospeum suarezi was described from various caves in NW Spain. Study of the type material reveals that these shells are not homogenous in shell morphology. The holotype shell of Z. suarezi is imaged here for the first time. The paratype shell, illustrated by Gittenberger (1980) from a distant, second cave, is described as Zospeum praetermissum Jochum, Prieto & De Winter, sp. n. The shell selected here as lectotype of Z. schaufussi, was also considered a paratype of Z. suarezi by Gittenberger (1980). Since this specimen is morphologically very similar to topotypic shells of Z. suarezi, the latter species is considered a junior synonym of Z. schaufussi (syn. n.). The internal shell morphology of all these taxa is described and illustrated using X-ray Micro Computer Tomography (Micro-CT).
Author:Adrienne Jochum, Carlos E. Prieto, Marian Kampschulte, Gunhild Martels, Bernhard Ruthensteiner, Marko Vrabec, Dorian D. Dörge, Anton J. de Winter
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Year of Completion:2019
Date of first Publication:2019/04/04
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Release Date:2019/05/16
Tag:Cave-dwelling species; microgastropods; shell variability; subterranean land snail
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