Insulin gene polymorphisms in type I diabetes, Addison's disease and the polyglandular autoimmune syndrome type II

  • Background: Polymorphisms within the insulin gene can influence insulin expression in the pancreas and especially in the thymus, where self-antigens are processed, shaping the T cell repertoire into selftolerance, a process that protects from ß-cell autoimmunity. Methods: We investigated the role of the -2221Msp(C/T) and -23HphI(A/T) polymorphisms within the insulin gene in patients with a monoglandular autoimmune endocrine disease [patients with isolated type 1 diabetes (T1D, n = 317), Addison´s disease (AD, n = 107) or Hashimoto´s thyroiditis (HT, n = 61)], those with a polyglandular autoimmune syndrome type II (combination of T1D and/or AD with HT or GD, n = 62) as well as in healthy controls (HC, n = 275). Results: T1D patients carried significantly more often the homozygous genotype "CC" -2221Msp(C/T) and "AA" -23HphI(A/T) polymorphisms than the HC (78.5% vs. 66.2%, p = 0.0027 and 75.4% vs. 52.4%, p = 3.7 × 10-8, respectively). The distribution of insulin gene polymorphisms did not show significant differences between patients with AD, HT, or APS-II and HC. Conclusion: We demonstrate that the allele "C" of the -2221Msp(C/T) and "A" -23HphI(A/T) insulin gene polymorphisms confer susceptibility to T1D but not to isolated AD, HT or as a part of the APS-II.

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Author:Elizabeth Ramos-Lopez, Britta Kristina Lange, Heinrich Kahles, Holger S. Willenberg, Gesine MeyerORCiDGND, Marissa Penna Martinez, Nicole Reisch, Stefanie Hahner, Jürgen Seissler, Klaus BadenhoopORCiDGND
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Parent Title (English):BMC medical genetics
Publisher:BioMed Central
Place of publication:London
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2008/09/23
Date of first Publication:2008/07/11
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2008/09/23
Issue:Art. 65
Page Number:6
First Page:1
Last Page:6
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Source:BMC Medical Genetics 2008, 9:65 ; doi:10.1186/1471-2350-9-65 ;
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