Long-term environmental monitoring infrastructures in Europe : observations, measurements, scales, and socio-ecological representativeness

  • The challenges posed by climate and land use change are increasingly complex, with ever-increasing and accelerating impacts on the global environmental system. The establishment of an internationally harmonized, integrated, and long-term operated environmental monitoring infrastructure is one of the major challenges of modern environmental research. Increased efforts are currently being made in Europe to establish such a harmonized pan-European observation infrastructure, and the European network of Long-Term Ecological Research sites – LTER-Europe – is of particular importance. By evaluating 477 formally accredited LTER-Europe sites, this study gives an overview of the current distribution of these infrastructures and the present condition of long-term environmental research in Europe. We compiled information on long-term biotic and abiotic observations and measurements and examined the representativeness in terms of continental biogeographical and socio-ecological gradients. The results were used to identify gaps in both measurements and coverage of the aforementioned gradients. Furthermore, an overview of the current state of the LTER-Europe observation strategies is given. The latter forms the basis for investigating the comparability of existing LTER-Europe monitoring concepts both in terms of observational design as well as in terms of the scope of the environmental compartments, variables and properties covered.
Author:Hannes Mollenhauer, Max Kasner, Peter Haase, Johannes Peterseil, Christoph Wohner, Mark Frenzel, Michael Mirtl, Robert Schima, Jan Bumberger, Steffen Zacharias
Pubmed Id:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29275260
Parent Title (English):The science of the total environment
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Year of Completion:2017
Date of first Publication:2017/12/27
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Release Date:2018/10/16
Tag:Biogeographical representativeness; Ecosystem integrity; Essential biodiversity variables; Long-term ecological monitoring
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