Crystallographic and dynamic aspects of solid‐state NMR calibration compounds : towards ab initio NMR crystallography

  • The excellent results of dispersion‐corrected density functional theory (DFT‐D) calculations for static systems have been well established over the past decade. The introduction of dynamics into DFT‐D calculations is a target, especially for the field of molecular NMR crystallography. Four 13C ss‐NMR calibration compounds are investigated by single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction, molecular dynamics and DFT‐D calculations. The crystal structure of 3‐methylglutaric acid is reported. The rotator phases of adamantane and hexamethylbenzene at room temperature are successfully reproduced in the molecular dynamics simulations. The calculated 13C chemical shifts of these compounds are in excellent agreement with experiment, with a root‐mean‐square deviation of 2.0 ppm. It is confirmed that a combination of classical molecular dynamics and DFT‐D chemical shift calculation improves the accuracy of calculated chemical shifts.
Author:Xiaozhou Li, Lukas Tapmeyer, Michael BolteORCiD, Jacco van de Streek
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Year of Completion:2016
Date of first Publication:2016/06/08
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Release Date:2019/07/22
Tag:NMR crystallography; X-ray diffraction; density functional calculations; molecular dynamics; solid-state NMR spectroscopy
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