AFLP analysis of genetic differentiation in CpGV resistant and susceptible Cydia pomonella (L.) populations

  • The codling moth, Cydia pomonella (Lep., Tortricidae), is a significant pest of orchard crops such as apple and pear in Southern Germany, and can cause severe economic damage to apple crops. Due to resistance to conventional pesticides and the growing market for organic fruit, Cydia pomonella Granulovirus (CpGV) has been used to control C. pomonella in Germany for over 10 years. Recently, populations exhibiting resistance to CpGV have been reported. In this study, we have used amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers to estimate genetic variations between eight different C. pomonella populations, which were obtained from different locations exhibiting varying levels of resistance to CpGV. Three different AFLP primer combinations generated a total of 194 AFLP fragments, ranging from 57.84 to 424.11 bp, with an average of 59.23 amplified fragments per primer combination. The total number of segregating fragments ranged from 181 to 115 and resulted in a high loci polymorphism of 100% in most cases, except for two populations, where it was found to be 88.1% and 93.3%. An analysis of genetic variation based on the obtained AFLP markers resulted in high gene diversity (Hj) values, ranging between 0.2884 to 0.3508. Hj values also indicated a loss in gene diversity within a population over time. The Wright Fixation Index (FST) values indicated a low to moderate genetic differentiation in the populations. The cluster analysis (UPGMA), based on genetic distance values, showed that the majority of C. pomonella populations from different locations were clearly distributed into distinct groups and showed a large genetic variability.

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Author:Sylvia Cheney, Ashok B. Hadapad, Claus Paul Walter ZebitzGND
Parent Title (German):Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie
Publisher:Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie
Place of publication:Gießen
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2008/09/24
Year of first Publication:2008
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Contributing Corporation:University of Hohenheim, Institute of Phytomedicine
Release Date:2008/09/24
Tag:AFLP; CpGV; Cydia pomonella; Cydia pomonella granulovirus; genetic diversity
Page Number:4
First Page:117
Last Page:120
Dewey Decimal Classification:5 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / 59 Tiere (Zoologie) / 590 Tiere (Zoologie)
Sammlungen:Sammlung Biologie / Sondersammelgebiets-Volltexte
Zeitschriften / Jahresberichte:Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie / Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie, Band 16 (2008)
Licence (German):License LogoDeutsches Urheberrecht