Biglycan : a multivalent proteoglycan providing structure and signals

  • Research over the past few years has provided fascinating results indicating that biglycan, besides being a ubiquitous structural component of the extracellular matrix (ECM), may act as a signaling molecule. Proteolytically released from the ECM, biglycan acts as a danger signal signifying tissue stress or injury. As a ligand of innate immunity receptors and activator of the inflammasome, biglycan stimulates multifunctional proinflammatory signaling linking the innate to the adaptive immune response. By clustering several types of receptors on the cell surface and orchestrating their downstream signaling events, biglycan is capable to autonomously trigger sterile inflammation and to potentiate the inflammatory response to microbial invasion. Besides operating in a broad biological context, biglycan also displays tissue-specific affinities to certain receptors and structural components, thereby playing a crucial role in bone formation, muscle integrity, and synapse stability at the neuromuscular junction. This review attempts to provide a concise summary of recent data regarding the involvement of biglycan in the regulation of inflammation and the musculoskeletal system, pointing out both a signaling and a structural role for this proteoglycan. The potential of biglycan as a novel therapeutic target or agent for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and skeletal muscular dystrophies is also addressed.

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Author:Mădălina-Viviana NăstaseGND, Marian F. Young, Liliana SchäferORCiD
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Parent Title (English):Journal of histochemistry & cytochemistry : JHC
Publisher:Histochemical Soc. ; Sage Publ.
Place of publication:Seattle, Wash. ; London [u. a.]
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2013/10/02
Year of first Publication:2012
Publishing Institution:Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
Release Date:2013/10/02
Tag:Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy; TGFβ; Toll-like receptor; Wnt; bone; extracellular matrix; inflammasome; inflammation; proteoglycan; sepsis; skeletal muscle
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First Page:963
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