Die hölzerne Sprache und kulturelle Identitäten in einigen Reden und Ansprachen kommunistischer Parteimitglieder Rumäniens

  • The language in the communist era represents one of the most important means of expressing legitimization of socialist ideology and political power. The analysis of journalistic texts with political content reflects obviously the values enforced by the political authority and the ideological point of view on social life, while constructing the cultural identity of a social group. The cultural identity, as the sum of values, principles, confesses, beliefs, customs, shared by the members of the same ethnicity, is constructed and revealed by means of language. On this basis, the present paper aims at presenting some aspects regarding the way in which cultural identity is represented in the speeches of some communist politicians, published in the German newspaper Neuer Weg. The authoress analyses in the journalistic texts the way in which the content becomes manifest in language use. There is a matter of debate and controversy at ideological level, as the speakers drop hints and give clues to the deficiencies and shortcomings of the internal economic situation and of the foreign policy. The language use is marked by aggressiveness and virulence, while the linguistic material used for this purpose contains specific features at lexical, morpho- syntactic and pragmatic level. The authoress takes the theoretical stance of sociolinguistics and pragma linguistics in assessing the language facts.

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Author:Adriana Dănilă
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Publisher:Lehrstuhl für Germanistik an der Lucian-Blaga-Universität Sibiu/Hermannstadt
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Document Type:Article
Year of Completion:2016
Year of first Publication:2016
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Release Date:2022/01/20
Tag:cultural identity; political speeches; pragma linguistics; wooden language
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