Prospective trial to compare direct and indirect laryngoscopy using C-MAC PM® with macintosh blade and D-blade® in a simulated difficult airway

  • Objective. Evaluation of C-MAC PM® in combination with a standard Macintosh blade size 3 in direct and indirect laryngoscopy and D-Blade® in indirect laryngoscopy in a simulated difficult airway. Primary outcome was defined as the best view of the glottic structures. Secondary endpoints were subjective evaluation and assessment of the intubation process. Methods. Prospective monocentric, observational study on 48 adult patients without predictors for difficult laryngoscopy/tracheal intubation undergoing orthopedic surgery. Every participant preoperatively received a cervical collar to simulate a difficult airway. Direct and indirect laryngoscopy w/o the BURP maneuver with a standard Macintosh blade and indirect laryngoscopy w/o the BURP maneuver using D-Blade® were performed to evaluate if blade geometry and the BURP maneuver improve the glottic view as measured by the Cormack-Lehane score. Results. Using a C-MAC PM® laryngoscope, D-Blade® yielded improved glottic views compared with the Macintosh blade used with either the direct or indirect technique. Changing from direct laryngoscopy using a Macintosh blade to indirect videolaryngoscopy using C-MAC PM® with D-Blade® improved the Cormack-Lehane score from IIb, III, or IV to I or II in 31 cases. Conclusion. The combination of C-MAC PM® and D-Blade® significantly enhances the view of the glottis compared to direct laryngoscopy with a Macintosh blade in patients with a simulated difficult airway. Trial Registration Number. This trial is registered under number NCT03403946.

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Author:Florian RaimannORCiDGND, Philipp Edmund Dietze, Colleen CucaORCiDGND, Dirk MeiningerORCiDGND, Paul KesslerORCiD, Christian ByhahnGND, Daniel Gerd Gill-SchusterGND, Kai ZacharowskiORCiDGND, Haitham MutlakORCiDGND
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Year of Completion:2019
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