Understanding inter-tissue crosstalk during zebrafish cardiovascular development

  • My PhD work employed genetic and pharmacological manipulations, coupled with highresolution live imaging, to understand intercellular communications during zebrafish cardiovascular development. The heart is the first organ to form, and it is composed of several tissues, among which interactions are crucial. I identified two important interactions between muscular and non-muscular tissues in poorly characterized contexts, and the molecules required for the signalling. First, I discovered an important cellular and molecular crosstalk orchestrating the development of the cardiac outflow tract (i.e., the aortic root in mammals). Endothelial-derived TGF-beta signalling controls the generation of the local extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM in turn affects endothelial proliferation as well as smooth muscle cell organization (Boezio et al, 2020; Bensimon-Brito*, Boezio* et al, 2020). In my second project, I investigated the crosstalk between the epicardial layer and the myocardial wall. By generating epicardial-impairment models, I identified a novel role for the epicardium in regulating cardiomyocyte volume during heart development (Boezio et al, 2021). Ultimately, this research contributed to our understanding of how paracrine signalling controls the multicellular interactions integral to organogenesis.

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Author:Giulia L. M. Boezio
Place of publication:Frankfurt am Main
Referee:Didier StainierORCiD, Amparo Acker-PalmerORCiDGND
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Date of Publication (online):2021/10/19
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